Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Anoka County Public Health Emergency Preparedness is responsible for coordinating, planning, and communicating with the community to understand potential threats and effective responses to public health. These threats, whether natural or man-made have driven the need for local public health departments to prepare responses to a wide variety of events. Many disasters can pose significant physical, psychological and environmental health risks.

In a public health emergency, Anoka County may organize and conduct the mass dispensing of medicines to the community, share information and provide resources. The capacity to respond effectively is dependent on strong coordination and communication with our partners and the resiliency of our community.

In an effort to build our capacity to respond we work to sustain collaborative relationships with both state and local partners. We collaborate with Emergency Management, hospitals, healthcare, behavioral health, emergency medical services, law enforcement, fire services, public works, government administrations, elected officials, volunteer organizations and the private sector.

Anoka County Public Health Emergency Preparedness trains staff to respond to public health emergencies, conducts exercises and drills, and promotes emergency preparedness in the community.

How can you Be Prepared?

  1. Build a Kit
  2. Make a Plan
  3. Get Involved

An Emergency Kit should help take care of you and your family for at least 3 days during an emergency.

A kit does not need to be made all at once. Look for coupons or specials, pick up an item or two each time you are at the store. Build your kit when you have time to make it a family or group activity.

For more information on the benefits of having an emergency kit and for a detailed list of items to include visit