Voting Equipment

Assistive Voting Devices - Updated for 2021

Starting in 2021, Anoka County polling places will begin using new assistive voting devices: the OmniBallot Tablet from Democracy Live. The 2002 Help America Vote Act mandates that a handicap-accessible ballot marker be made available in every polling place. Prior to this year, Anoka County had used the AutoMARK ballot marker.

The OmniBallot is an electronic ballot marker that meets all accessibility requirements for voters with disabilities. Voters that wish to use the device can mark their ballot using a touchscreen, navigation pad, or 3-button device. The equipment also provides zoom functionality and audio dictation. After the voter makes their selections, the ballot is printed and reviewed by the voter. Then, the voter inserts their ballot into the ballot counter.

An overview demonstration of the equipment is provided in the video below. Contact Anoka County Elections for more information regarding the OmniBallot Tablet, including arranging for a public demonstration to view the equipment in-person.

Ballot Counters

The ES&S DS200 combines paper-based balloting with the flexibility and efficiency of advanced digital image technology.

  • Flexibility: Processes a variety of ballot sizes and designs, from 11" to 19"
  • Convenience: Lightweight, compact, easy for election workers to set up, and easy for our voters to use
  • Security: Physical security features including locking panels and security seals; configured to prevent any unauthorized data transfers or uploads (DS200 Security Features of the Precinct Scanner & Tabulator)
  • Compliance: Usability, accessibility, and security enhancements comply with the Federal 2005 Voluntary Voting Systems Guidelines
  • Independence and privacy: People with special needs can ask election workers for assistance marking their ballots, or they can use the OmniBallot Tablet ballot marker to mark their ballots. Once marked, the voter inserts their ballot into the DS200 vote tabulator for counting.
  • Flexible communications: 12-inch LCD touch screen makes it easy for election workers to operate the system, and for our voters to cast their ballots.
DS200 Machine

Electronic Poll Books

in 2018, Anoka County added electronic roster technology to its polling places. The new equipment has reduced waiting times for voters and all but eliminated administrative errors. Learn more about the Poll Pads that you will see in the polling place on Election Day.

Poll Pad and Stand