Phone Policy

At the East Central Regional Juvenile Center phone privileges are given to those youth who have put forth effort into their program by showing leadership, motivation, and general care for themselves and others around them.

Phone Policy

  • No incoming calls are accepted to your child and no messages will be taken. See below for calls to staff.
  • Weekend and 10/5 program residents do not have phone privileges.
  • All calls will be made in the following manner:
    • Staff will dial the phone and transfer the call to the youth phone.
    • Residents log call on a phone call log sheet.
    • Residents must have group monitor their phone calls.
    • Staff can monitor phone calls.
    • Calls may be cancelled. If calls are cancelled for an extended time period parents will be notified.


  • Primary Counselors must pre-approve all other phone calls in advance.
  • Other staff may approve emergency or contract work calls.
  • Parents may call RJC staff once per day for an update.
  • Staff will call parents in emergency situations that arise at RJC.
  • Attorneys: Residents may write or call their attorney once daily during business hours. Residents may return call if attorney is unavailable.

Phone Privileges by Level

Level Phone Privileges
Orientation Level (OL) None
Alpha None
Beta 2 calls/week
Gamma 3 calls/week
Honors 4 calls/week