Educational Services

The Pines School, operated by Centennial School District serves students being held for alleged criminal offenses or court ordered Short Term programs. Three short term groups of students attend school. The school follows a special education model that is staffed primarily with special education teachers with a focus on Individual Education Plans (IEP), small group size, and a highly structured environment. Each student is programmed with one peer group daily. Students participate in six classes daily and earn credit hours towards graduation from their home school district.


  • Students improve academically and behaviorally.
  • Students develop a foundation upon which to continue with their education and/or with vocational plans after discharge from the Pines School.
  • Students’ community schools and Pines School effectively coordinate the student’s IEP.
  • When discharged, Pines School reports to the student’s next school and student’s parents: progress, credit hours, and grades earned.

Any questions or inquires regarding school records, please contact 763-278-4010.