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Virtual Career Services featuring On-line Workshops    

Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills along with links to several online resources at:​​

Register for the most up-to-date job search and career assessment workshops at  Registration should be completed 30 minutes before the start of the event. Accommodation requests must be made 3 business days prior to the event. In addition to a confirmation email, registered individuals will receive at least one email with a link to join the event 30 minutes before it starts from the event organizer. Please make sure your account email address is updated before you register.

Workshops include a variety of topics such as:

  • Career Exploration - Whether you are thinking about making a career change or you are just launching your career, this class will help you get started. Increase your awareness of the many factors to consider when making a career decision. Also, learn about using career assessments and determine your next steps to making an informed decision. 
  • Interviewing Skills - Do you get the jitters before an interview? Become more confident by preparing ahead of time, learning techniques you can use to answer questions, and how to close the interview. We’ll also discuss what to do after the interview and how to negotiate salary. 
  • Job Search Q&A with Diane - Looking for a job but not sure where to start? Thinking about changing careers? Concerned about answering tough interview questions? Not sure about available resources? Come join Job Talk. With experience as both a Sr. Job Search Specialist and a Human Resources professional Diane has a reputation for providing excellent and up to date guidance in all things job search. Drop in, get your questions answered and learn from other participants as well. Stay as long as you like.
  • Networking - Networking is key to a successful job search; however, many job seekers are uneasy with networking. So, what if you had a framework for how to approach networking? By taking a closer look at networking, you will learn about its critical aspects, how to expand your network and how to use LinkedIn as an invaluable networking tool.
  • Online LinkedIn Profile Review  - Is your LinkedIn profile complete and doing a good job of showcasing your skills and abilities? Meet virtually with a staff member one on one and find out. Must already have a LinkedIn account.
  • Resume Writing - If you haven’t ever written a resume or it’s been awhile, this class will bring you up to speed with the most current information regarding file formats, styles, best practices and how to target your resume to the job posting. You will also learn a simple approach to writing a good cover letter. Remember these documents are usually the first impression you make, make it a great one.
  • Resume Writing Advanced - Got the basics down? Let’s dig deeper and help ensure your resume gets you into the interview. A good resume is one that gets through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and is pleasing to the reader. Using key words and calling out your specific related skills will improve targeting. A standout resume also includes accomplishment statements. Help to ensure your resume is doing its job.
  • Tips for Networking with LinkedIn - Networking is essential to job search and that includes accessing social media tools such as LinkedIn. Join us to discover the full networking capabilities of this tool and learn how to continuously build and monitor your network.