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Intake Orientation

Youth admitted to Anoka County Secure (ACS) complete a minimum 24-hour orientation room time to read the student handbook, learn their introduction, and review their individual due process contract. This time allows staff to assess youth to ensure they enter group chemical free with a basic understanding of the program expectations and pose low risk to the safety and security of other peers, staff, or the facility.


ACS operates from a basis of personal responsibility. Excuses for inappropriate and/or illegal behavior are not tolerated. Despite hardships a youth may have faced in the past, it is our belief that he must learn to make more responsible choices both now and in the future. Youth are required to examine their thinking and behavioral patterns which allow for violation of others, work to understand the effects of their behavior on others, and develop a re offense/support plan. The youth work to replace their negative and/or criminal thinking and behavior with pro-social thinking and behavior. It is hoped that through an honest examination of his current choices and their effect they will gain the motivation to change. However, ultimately change is a choice that only the youth can make.

Classification System

Our facility is an all male facility, with three separate programs. Our Short Term program consists of youth on all contracts, court detention, detention and waiting placement. Our Long Term program is for youth who have been adjudicated of a felony criminal offense and have a history of other adjudications and/or inappropriate behaviors. Length of stay for the Long Term program is 4-12 months. Our Sex Specific program is for youth who have been adjudicated of a sex specific crime. Length of stay for the Sex Specific varies from 9-18 months.

Primary Counselor

All residents at ACS have an assigned primary counselor. Their counselor will be the primary staff contact for you to assist in answering questions. Any personal belongings (clothing, reading materials, etc) must be pre-approved by youth’s primary counselor before being brought into the facility.

Medical Information

Families are responsible for providing medical information to ACS staff at the time of the intake. Specifically, parents are expected to provide an insurance card and information. A nurse is on duty during the weekdays. Youth notify staff of any medical problems and staff notifies the nurse as needed. Parents are contacted of any illness or injury of more than a minor nature. Youth may be placed on bed rest for a minimum of 24 hours by staff or the nurse. Only medical appointments which are necessary to complete during a youth’s placement will be made. We require all other appointments to be delayed until the youth leaves placement. When the youth attains the appropriate level you may be asked to transport him to a needed appointment.

Clothing Policy

Youth in the Short Term pod (youth on contracts, detention, court detention, waiting placement) may not have their own personal clothing, clothing will be provided by the facility. Long Term and Sex Specific Program are allowed to wear their own clothing after they obtain a certain trust level. Clothing must not have holes or be inappropriate. Inappropriate clothing includes items which: promote rock bands or music which is judged to have offensive lyrics; displays or represents drugs; and that which displays swearing or offensive symbols; or is embellished; or has gang connections.

Upon intake, a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, and comb are provided if youth do not have their own. Hygiene products may be brought in by parents. All pants must fit properly on the youth’s waist, oversized pants will not be allowed. If youth come in with inappropriate clothes, they will be provided with the appropriate attire. The Center supplies books and magazines and we do not accept them unless approved by the youth’s primary counselor.