Phone Policy

Youth are allowed to make phone calls to parents or guardians during visiting hours once they have achieved the appropriate level or with their primary counselor’s permission. Youth make phone calls with at least two other youth present. Staff will place the call and will ask for the parent. Youth on the phone may only talk to individuals that they are allowed to speak with (parents, other allowed guardians), and may not engage in any type of conversations with any other individuals without permission. Youth must remain respectful and may not use profanity or engage in any gang-related or other inappropriate conversation. If the youth receives no answer from the initial person they would like called, they may leave a message. This will constitute as their phone call, and they will not be able to talk to that person should they call back later on in the day/night, unless staff approves it.

Due to the interruptions caused to programming, we do not allow incoming phone calls for the youth. If you need to talk about a youth, feel free to call the primary counselor. Of course, if you have an emergency you can talk to staff at anytime.

Phone Privileges By Level

Level Privilege
ORL-1 None
L2 None
ML-3 3 Calls/Week
L3 3 Calls/Week
L4 3 Calls/Week