Court Records

Public Access

Most records relating to actions before the court are open and accessible to the public. Access to court files and related records is provided in the Court Administration Records Room, which is located on the first floor, east wing of the courthouse. Records are stored for a specific length of time as indicated on the District Court Record Retention Schedule. Not all records are available for same day viewing.

Requesting Copies of Court Documents

Copies of court documents may either be certified (meaning they contain a raised court seal) or uncertified (a plain photocopy). There is a fee for both certified and uncertified copies. The fee amounts change periodically.

To check the current rate, visit the Minnesota Judicial Branch website. To request a copy of a document, visit

Off-Site Records

Due to space limitations and other storage considerations, some court records are maintained off-site. Other records may be in the custody of a judge and not available for review. Therefore, Court Administration staff may not be able to provide immediate access to all court files. Your cooperation is appreciated.