Closed Dispensing

In the event of a public health emergency, a large portion of the Anoka County population may need to receive medicine or medical supplies quickly. Some types of incidents, such as bio terrorism, may require that a 100% of the population receives medicine within a 36-hour period. Individual counties and cities in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area work together to plan for public health emergencies. Anoka County Community Health & Environmental Services Department will be the source for providing medicine and medical supplies to the population of Anoka County.

An Open Point of Dispensing (POD)

POD will be the main mechanism for dispensing medications to most of the population. An Open POD is open to the general public and operated by Local Public Health agencies.

A Closed Point of Dispensing (POD)

Site is a location that is operated by a private organization for a target group which may include employees and their families and/or clients/members they serve. Closed PODs are not open to the public. Closed PODs will play a very important role in a public health emergency that requires getting medications to the entire population very quickly. Close POD sites can be Businesses, Nonprofits (Community Based, Faith based etc.), Governmental, Correctional, Educational (Universities, Colleges, High Schools, etc.), Health Care (Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Long-Term Care, Assisted Living) and Religious Organizations.

For more information about becoming a Closed Point of Dispensing partner please review our Closed Point of Dispensing Frequently Asked Questions.

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