Traffic and Non-Traffic Violations


If you receive a traffic or non-traffic violation, then you have just been issued a ticket charging you with a petty misdemeanor or a misdemeanor. For additional information about misdemeanors, please review the frequently asked questions on this subject.

Payable Fines

If you wish to acknowledge guilt, many fines are payable without the need for a court appearance. If you want to plead guilty but need additional time to pay (up to 30 days), you must request this in person at the Criminal Counter in Court Administration prior to your court date. Read more about paying a traffic fine.

No Proof of Insurance

Provide proof of insurance as soon as possible, but no later than the court date and time specified on the citation for further processing. Prior to your court date, the proof of insurance may be mailed to:
MN Court Payment Center
P.O. Box 898
Willmar, MN 56201

After your court date, the proof of insurance may be mailed to:
Court Administration
Anoka County Courthouse
2100 3rd Avenue
Anoka, MN 55303 to 2489

Moving Violations

Questions regarding the consequence of moving violations on your driving record should be directed to the Department of Public Safety 651-296-6911.

Court Appearances

You are required to make a court appearance if you wish to plead not guilty or plead guilty with an explanation at the date and time indicated on the front of your ticket. Please verify the courtroom on the courtroom monitors. You must appear in court if:

  • You wish to plead not guilty
  • You wish to plead guilty, but offer an explanation
  • The officer checked the "endangered person or property" box on the ticket
  • You were in an accident involving a misdemeanor charge
  • You have posted bail or bond

Court Proceedings

Go directly to the courtroom designated on the court calendar monitor and check in for Court. Let them know if you are interested in applying for a public defender. They will give you the necessary forms to provide your financial information. The judge will determine whether or not you will be granted a public defender. Please keep in mind that you are only eligible if you have been charged with a misdemeanor or higher and meet the financial guidelines.

Municipal Prosecutors

If you wish to speak with the prosecutor, you may request to do so while checking in with the courtroom clerk or after listening to a video describing your rights. Inform the clerk of your intent and he or she will make your file available to the prosecutor located in the back of the courtroom. Your name will be called and the prosecutor will speak with you as soon as possible. Please be aware that the prosecutor represents the state and therefore is not there to represent your interests.

Fine Payment After Sentencing

Your file will be brought to the Criminal Counter upon sentencing. Please take a number on the post in the main hallway, wait for your number to be called and the next available clerk will assist you. If you have pled guilty or are found guilty and ordered to pay a fine, it is assumed that you will pay the same day as your hearing. There are additional fees and surcharges that the Legislature has required that we impose. These fees are forwarded to the State and are used to pay victims of crimes and provide police officer training, among other things. Read more about paying a traffic fine.

Anoka County Corrections

After you have appeared in court, been sentenced, and appeared at the criminal counter, you will receive a form called the sentencing order which lists what happened in court. If additional conditions have been imposed at sentencing, other than a fine payment, you may be referred to the Corrections Department. It is located down across the hallway from the Criminal Counter. The Corrections Department will monitor your compliance of these court ordered conditions.