Weddings Performed by Judge

Ceremony Process

Judges are available to preside over your wedding ceremony. Please request a date at least one week in advance to allow for processing. If there is less than one week before your requested date, be sure to indicate that under special requests. Every attempt will be made to accommodate your request. Please note that wedding ceremonies are considered a brief civil ceremony.

 Instructions & Cost

Weddings can be performed at the courthouse or a location of your choice within Minnesota. For ceremonies performed at the courthouse, space is limited to 20 people and beverages/food is not allowed. By the time of the ceremony, you must have a valid Minnesota marriage license and two witnesses. You can apply for a license in Anoka County at the Government Center Vital Statistics office. For information about applying for a license go to the marriage license information page or call 763-324-1360. Financial considerations for performing a wedding can only be discussed with the judge performing your ceremony. The cost will depend on several factors including location, date, time, and length of the ceremony.

Schedule a Wedding

To schedule a wedding you may fill out and submit the online wedding scheduling request form; or you may call 763-760-6570 and leave a voice message with the following information (please speak slowly and clearly): 

  • The names of the applicants, including the spelling
  • Home, work, and cell phone numbers where you can be reached during the day
  • The date and time of the ceremony.
    Note: Weddings are normally not performed during regular court business hours of Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
  • The location of the ceremony and any other special requests.

Once this information is received, a judge will contact you within 24-48 hours for normal (non-rush) requests. If you have not received that information within two days, please call 763-760-6700.