Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I see a page that says "Under Construction" when I try access the Property Search GIS Application?

The GIS Department maybe performing work on the site and it is down temporarily. If you have contacted Anoka County GIS and were told the site should be working, you may need to clear your browser cache to use the site. Detailed instructions on how to clear your browser cache can be found online (PDF).

When I access the Property Search GIS Application, it begins to load but never progresses  to the actual map. How can I get the application to work?

A new version of the website software has been loaded and your web browser and/or Adobe Flash Player may need to be upgraded. Detailed instructions on upgrading various web browsers and Adobe Flash can be found here.

Can I use the lot lines and aerial photos on the Property Search GIS Application to determine property boundaries?

No, the lot lines are not survey quality and should not be used to determine property boundaries. A survey crew would have to come out to survey the property and mark property corners and boundaries.