Birth Records

Birth record applications will be accepted at the Vital Records Office at the Government Center in Anoka.

In order to obtain a certified birth record, you must show that you are an authorized requester for the record.

In person/online:

  • Certified Birth Records can be purchased at the Government Center Vital Records office in the Government Center in Anoka. Submit a completed Online Application   
  • Once you complete the application, you must come to the Anoka County Government Center Vital Records Office within 10 days to complete the process of paying and showing tangible interest which is required.
  • By mail or fax:
  • Fill out a Minnesota Birth Record application form and have your signature verified by a Notary Public.
  • Mail or fax the form(s), along with the required fee, to the Government Center Vital Records Office.

Required Identification

The following documents must be accepted as meeting the requirements, unless the document has been altered or changed, or there is evidence of fraud on the face of the document.

  • Unexpired picture driver's license of a U.S state or territory
  • Unexpired picture identification card of a U.S state or territory
  • Unexpired U.S federal, state, or local government employee picture ID
  • Unexpired FAA aircraft pilot's license
  • Unexpired U.S military picture ID
  • Unexpired U.S passport

Required Fees

  • $26 First Certified Birth Record
  • $19 Each additional Birth Record of the same record issued at the same time