Marriage Licenses

You can apply for a marriage license in any Minnesota county, regardless of where you live.

Your wedding ceremony must take place within the State of Minnesota and must happen within 6 months from the date of issuance of the license.

Apply Online and Schedule Appointment

First, complete the online form and save the Order Number at the end of the process. 

When you apply online, both applicants will need to provide the following information:

  • Full legal names 
  • Address and state of residence 
  • Date and place of birth 
  • Information about any previous marriages 
  • Full names of the parties after marriage 
  • Your Social Security number 
  • Information about any felony convictions on or after August 1, 2000 
  • Your mailing address after marriage (where the marriage certificate will be sent)

When you use the online form, you must complete it in one session. You cannot save your work and return to it later. 

Next, setup your appointment. You will need the Order Number for this process. A confirmation of your appointment will be sent to your email that you provide when making the appointment. Should you need to cancel the appointment, please follow instructions in the email.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Effective August 1, 2023, legislation no longer allows for a person who has a felony conviction to change their name through the marriage process. The name change process must be completed through the district court.

If you are a current Minnesota Resident, Minnesota Statute 259.10 lays out the requirements for applying for a name change through the district court. Minnesota Statute 259.13 subd 5  allows a person with a felony conviction to apply for a name change through the district court for no fee if the person files the action within 180 days after the marriage. A certified copy of the marriage certificate must be submitted to the court. Click here for information on how to obtain a marriage certificate. 

If you are not a Minnesota Resident, contact the district court in your State and county of residence for further guidance.


The application process is not complete until both parties appear in person together within 10 days of submitting the application online, to sign the application, show identification (must be 18 or older to apply) and pay the license fee. There are no refunds. 

A marriage packet will be issued immediately to the parties and the marriage may occur on the same day.


You must pay for the license when you apply. The fee is: 

  • $115, or 
  • $40 if you have completed 12 hours of premarital education; 

To qualify for the reduced license fee: 

  • Attend 12 hours of premarital education 
  • Obtain a signed and dated Educator’s Statement printed on the educator’s letterhead certifying that both parties have attended premarital education. 
  • Ensure that the Educator’s Statement is either notarized or under the church seal 
  • Submit the statement when applying for a marriage license. 

The premarital education must be provided by a licensed or ordained minister or the minister’s designee, a person authorized to solemnize marriages under section 517.18, or a person authorized to practice marriage and family therapy under section 148B.33. The education must include the use of premarital inventory and the teaching of communication and conflict management skills.

Wedding Ceremony

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