Employers & Schools 

If your business is located in Anoka County, MN, consider partnering with Commute Solutions to identify the best commuting options for your business and your employees. Examples of how we can help your business are listed below.


We will help you learn more about Metropass. With Metropass, businesses provide their employees access to discounted, unlimited-ride transit passes. Businesses only need five participants to become eligible for the Metropass program. 

Commuter Fairs

Commute Solutions staff will come onsite or set up a "virtual" fair to assist employees in identifying and selecting commuting options.

Information Displays

We will provide a variety of information - maps, brochures, pass information - for you to display and have available for your employees.


We will help you decide if teleworking is something you want to offer your employees.

Carpools & Vanpools

We will assist you in setting up a personalized portal in the region’s ride matching system in which your employees can register and search for carpooling or vanpooling partners.

Preferred Parking Signs

We will supply signs for you to post in designated "premier" parking locations for those employees who participate in a carpool or vanpool.

Web Links & Promotions

We will assist you in identifying and providing links and promotions for your organization’s intranet set.

Travel Demand Management (TDM) Plans

We will work with you to develop a customized travel demand management plan that will help you identify, forecast and plan for the changing and growing transportation option needs of your employees.


Commute Solutions and our regional partners honor employers who promote and implement innovative transportation options for their employees through Metro Transit’s annual Commuter Choice Awards as well as the National Best Workplaces for Commuters designation. Let us help you become a premier employer for commuters!