Notary Public


  1. Notary Public

    How To Obtain

    You can have a signature notarized at the Government Center Vital Records Office. The person whose signature is being notarized must present identification to the Notary Public.

    Required Identification

    Driver's license or State Identification Card

    Required Fees

    $5 for each notarization executed.

  2. Authentication of Notary

    To verify that a Notary Public is currently registered in Anoka County, bring the notarized document to the Government Center Vital Records Office.

    Fee: $5 per copy.

  3. Notary Public Registration

    How To Obtain

    You must first obtain a Notary Public Commission from the Minnesota Secretary of State.

    After you receive your commission, register your commission with Anoka County in person at the Government Center Vital Records Office. Or, you can mail your signed commission and the required fee to the address at the right.

    Notary Publics are required to file two signatures with their commission. The left signature must match the commission/stamp. The right signature is how they will sign as a notary. Please sign your commission prior to submitting.

    Required Fee


    If you wish to pay for Notary Public Registration by credit card, please print, fill out and include the Vital Records Credit Card Form (PDF).