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Anoka County Library cards are available at all Anoka County libraries and by applying online. You must be an Anoka County resident to get an Anoka County Library card. Once the registration is complete, you will be issued a temporary account number which grants immediate access to databases and eBooks.  A permanent card will be issued to you through the United States Postal Service and should arrive within a week. 

Apply Online

If you need to renew your library card, please stop into any branch with a valid Minnesota ID or other proof of address.

Tennessen Warning

Minnesota law and Anoka County Library policy protect the privacy of data in your library record.

Information we gather to issue you a card and information which links you to the material you borrow is private. It may not be disclosed except for library purposes, unless ordered by a court.

Items returned on time are removed from your record when checked in. Overdue items and related charges remain on your record until paid. Unreturned items become a public debt and are no longer protected data. Records of requested material are kept until you receive the material.

The law allows the library to release your requested materials to a family member or other person who resides at your address. You may request that materials NOT be released to anyone other than yourself. To make this request, please see library staff. If you are under the age of 18, the information in your library record is available to your parent or guardian. You may ask to have this information withheld by completing a Request to Withhold Release of Information to a Parent or Guardian form. We can only withhold this data from your parent/guardian if it is determined that it is in your best interest to do so.