Facilities Management & Construction

Provides guidance and support to the Division of Finance and Central Services, state agencies, and the Administration. We work to preserve capital assets through the development of comprehensive and cost-effective maintenance and management strategies in a safe, accessible and cost effective manner.

 General facility management office operations:

Planning; organizing; staffing; and directing all county-owned and leased properties; Development of capital improvement program/plan (CIP) for facilities planning, maintenance, and construction; Preparation of department budget.

Planning, design, construction administration:

Facility planning and forecasting (three to ten year); space planning allocation and management; Architectural/engineering planning; design/workspace planning, allocation and management; construction/project management for new and existing buildings; and move, add, change management. Ensures necessary permits are obtained by contractors.

Operations, maintenance and repair, and custodial services of all county facilities:

Exterior maintenance (roof, shell, window systems); cyclic maintenance; pest and rodent control; energy management; inventory of systems and equipment; custodial services; general landscaping for all county-owned and leased facilities. Develop preventative maintenance schedules. Provide snow removal services to county facilities.

Security and life safety management: 

Review work and activities to ensure code compliance and promote safety; crime prevention through environmental design, operation, and maintenance of monitoring and security systems (to include access and key control) for all county owned and leased facilities. Monitor and manage building security access.

Lease and contract administration:

Out leasing (as owner); lease administration (as owner or lessee); and property management (as lessee). Perform contract administration and monitor quality control to ensure contract compliance.

Manage Anoka County parking ramp and usage:

Above grade, ramp access. Open air structure specifically designed to accommodate vehicle parking. Must provide for the safe and efficient passage of automobile as well as employees and visitors to and from their vehicles.

Work reception center- 763-324-1900:

Serve as the point of contact for maintenance trouble calls and service requests.

Mission Statement

To provide a safe, clean, comfortable, and well maintained environment at the highest standard of excellence for the citizens and employees of Anoka County.

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