Multi-unit Recycling

Information for property managers and residents to recycle more.

Property Manager Information

Property owners, managers and associations are required to provide residents with the opportunity to recycle. Read on for more about how you can set up and maintain a successful recycling program at your building.

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Anoka County can help you set up or improve a recycling program at your facility.

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How can I get my residents to recycle more?

Have clear consistent signs with clear pictures and plain language throughout your building on recycling and trash containers. Provide newsletters to residents about what can and cannot be recycled. Provide recycling guides to residents at move in and information on how to dispose or donate bulky items, donate household items and dispose of household hazardous waste at move-out.

Apartment Complex

Donation centers and charitable agencies

There are many charitable agencies in the region happy to take reusable household items and furniture in good condition left by your residents. Many even offer pickup service. Find businesses and charitable organizations accepting used items through the Recycling and Disposal Directory.

Resident Information

Contact your building manager or association to find out where recycling bins are located and what materials are accepted for recycling in which containers. Property owners are required to provide residents with the opportunity to recycle. Call your municipal recycling coordinator if this service is not available.

Recycling Guide

View detailed information about what is and is not recyclable (PDF).

  • Paper — mail, magazines, newspaper, boxes, cardboard
  • Cartons — milk cartons, juice boxes, soup cartons
  • Plastic — bottles, jugs, containers and lids
  • Metal — food and beverage cans
  • Glass — bottles and jars

Household Hazardous Waste

Common household products like aerosol cans that have contents remaining, antifreeze, driveway sealer, fluorescent and HID bulbs and CFLs, gasoline and other fuels, mercury, paint (liquid only), paint stripper, paint thinner, pesticides, used motor oil, used oil filters, varnish, wood preservatives, and other household products that are corrosive, flammable, combustible, or poisonous are hazardous and should be properly disposed. Safe disposal is free and easy for residents at the Anoka County Household Hazardous Waste Facility. View details on the Anoka County HHW facility.

Additional disposal options

Move-out and bulky waste resources

Moving can create a lot of additional waste. Instead of trashing your old stuff, consider taking the household items you no longer want, such as furniture, clothing and household goods, and giving them to someone else who could use them. Donate items to a local non-profit for reuse.

Search our Recycling and Disposal Directory for where to take mattresses, bulky items like furniture, household goods, unwanted clothing and many other items.