About Your Tax Statements

2023 Proposed Property Tax Statements

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Payable Property Tax Statements

Only one tax statement per parcel is mailed per year. A change in the ownership recorded after January 1 of the current year, will not initiate the mailing of a new tax statement. The statement will be sent to the previous owner/or taxpayer. Mortgage refinance and / or satisfaction, and sale are common reasons for a change in the current year taxpayer and require a request for a duplicate tax statement.

Statements are mailed in mid to late March. If you have not received your tax statement(s) by April 1st of any year, please call 763-323-5400 and request a duplicate.

Manufactured home statements are mailed in July of each year. If you have not received your statement by July 15 of any year, please call 763-323-5400 and request a duplicate.

Additional Tax Facts

Residential Property owners are likely to see larger estimated tax increases compared to that of Commercial, Industrial, (C/I) or Apartment properties.  The main drivers of those differences are:

  1. Legislative Changes that excluded an additional $50,000 of C/I Value from State General Tax ONLY which helps reduce the tax liability for this classification.   
  2. Larger overall value increases compared to that of Commercial, Industrial, and Apartment which shifts more of the tax burden onto residential property owners. 
  3. Large value increases resulting in loss of homestead market value exclusion meaning more residential value is taxable adding to the residential tax burden.  
  4. Despite the County Levy remaining flat, many local taxing jurisdictions saw larger increases which again hit residential property owners harder due to the shift. 

This video provides an overview of how property taxes work and what two things directly affect the amount you pay.

Public Meeting To Discuss Anoka County's 2023 Proposed Property Tax Levy and Budget

The Truth in Taxation Meeting is to hear public comments about Anoka County's proposed budget, and the tax portion indicated on your 2023 Proposed Property Tax Statement.

We also collect taxes on behalf of cities, schools, and other special taxing authorities. Please check your statement for their specific meeting dates, times, and locations. 

Anoka County Truth in Taxation meeting will be Thursday, December 1, 2022, at 6 p.m. in the County Boardroom (#705), 2100 3rd Ave, Anoka, MN, 55303.

If you have questions about your valuation, please contact us directly at proptax@co.anoka.mn.us or 763-323-5400.

Proposed 2023 property tax statement with yellow highlights indicating our portion.