Homestead Application

How to Apply

  • You must qualify for homestead as outlined below. You will be required to show proof of ownership and proof of occupancy.
    • You can file an initial homestead application at the Anoka County Property Records and Taxation office, 2100 3rd Avenue Anoka MN You can also file by mail. To order forms please call 763-323-5400 or download the form in Adobe Acrobat format.
    • You must provide the names and Social Security numbers of all of the owners of the property, and if the property is not owner occupied, the names and Social Security numbers of the owner’s relatives who occupy the property as their primary place of residence.
    • All of the owners and, if the property is not owner occupied, all of the owners’ relatives occupying the property must sign an initial homestead application.
  • Certificate of Real Estate (CRV) Value must be filed. Whenever real estate is sold for a consideration in excess of $3,000, the grantor, grantee, or legal agent of either shall file a Certificate of Value with the county auditor when the deed or other document is presented for recording. Filing a CRV is required pursuant to Minnesota Statute 272.115 and if not filed, the homestead can not be granted (view the statute on the State of Minnesota website).

Application Forms (Homestead and Exclusions)