Key Air


What: Implementation of a commingled recycling program.

Why: To reduce waste, keep the facility clean and save money.

How: Partnered with hauler to add recycling and lower garbage service.

Results: Diverting 15,600 lbs. of recyclables and saving $480 annually.

Key Air

When Waste Wise approached Key Air Twin Cities, a fixed base operator airport facility in Blaine, about adding a recycling program, General Manager Michael Lawrence was looking for ways to keep disposal costs down but wasn’t sure how to get started. With a growing business and a small garbage enclosure, the facility’s garbage dumpsters were beginning to overflow, and Michael wanted to find ways to address the issue without increasing service and paying more for garbage collection.

Through a no-cost onsite consultation available to Key Air Twin Cities through a partnership with Anoka County aimed at helping area businesses reduce waste and recycle more, Waste Wise reviewed the airport’s current services and recommended adding a recycling program to help solve Lawrence’s garbage dilemma. The facility had one 4 yard garbage dumpster collected twice per week, which was largely filled with cardboard and other recyclable materials. By implementing a recycling program, the airport would be able to divert this material from the waste stream and avoid increasing disposal costs.

“I assumed we were stuck with a certain configuration for our garbage service and that costs were going to increase as our business was producing more waste,” Lawrence explained. With some additional assistance and encouragement from Waste Wise, Key Air Twin Cities worked with their garbage hauler, Walter’s, to add a commingled recycling program, reduce the business’ garbage service and identify a convenient location that would better accommodate the containers, keeping the facility looking clean and clear of refuse.

As a result, the airport added a 6 yard recycling container emptied every other week and cut the garbage volume by 2 yards to a 6 yard weekly. Key Air Twin Cities is now saving $480 annually and recycling an estimated 15,600 pounds (7.8 tons) of recyclables every year.

Lawrence shares, “Walters provided great customer service by going out of their way to meet our needs. Our new setup is more efficient, involves fewer trips by Walter’s and keeps our facility clean.”