Schroeder’s Creekside Stables


What: Increasing the capabilities of recycling services to divert more cardboard from the waste stream.

Why: To ensure commitment to the environment.

How: Working with existing waste hauler to expand services.

Results: Diverting an additional 500 pounds of cardboard from the waste stream annually.

Schroeders Creekside Stables

Minnesota Waste Wise first connected with Schroeder’s Creekside Stables during an Energy Smart consultation. While discovering ways to save electricity through lighting updates, it was evident Ernie Schroeder, owner of Schroeder’s Creekside Stables, was also producing more cardboard than his current recycling bin could handle.

A slight nudge in the right direction and Ernie did the rest. He quickly expanded his service to cover the excess, and eliminated cardboard from his waste stream. Although Ernie is more proud of his successes and financial savings on the energy side of things he was very pleased Minnesota Waste Wise could offer him the “whole package” of conservation services. After all, a small waste diversion is better than no waste diversion.

Ernie remains committed to saving money and natural resources, and he remains in contact with Waste Wise regarding other waste challenges. Currently we are looking for a way to recycle small quantities of plastic woven bags in which horse feed is packaged. Although a solution has yet to be found, both sides are pleased that a lasting waste solutions relationship has been formed.