Current Bids and Proposals

Bids & Proposals

Changes and addenda to the solicitations below may occur prior to bid opening. Vendors are responsible for checking the website for updates. Bids and proposals that do not acknowledge the addenda may be rejected.

For current and upcoming procurements that may be impacted by COVID-19, please email the Authorized County Representative for the project.  Please note, even though face-to-face visits have been eliminated for now, we are still available via email and phone.

COVID-19 IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR PUBLIC BID OPENINGS: In the event that a bid opening cannot occur on the date/time specified in the solicitation documents due to closure of Anoka County buildings related to the COVID-19 event, all public bid openings will be handled as follows:

  • Bids received by mail during a closure will be kept sealed and held until the next available business day for a public bid opening. In the event the mail is held at the post office during a building closure, the submission will be considered on time if received by the County during the hold period from the post office.
  • The preferred method of submission is by mail when the solicitation documents require a hard copy submission; however, if bids need to be turned in same day during a building closure, they may be submitted by email to the Authorized County Representative stated in the solicitation documents and will be kept unopened and held until the next available business day for a public bid opening. The email receipt will be considered the date/time received.
  • All other submissions (bids/proposals) shall follow the requirements of the solicitation documents, or addendum if provided for alternate methods. For Sealed Bids, bid tabs will be uploaded to PublicPurchase immediately after a bid opening date/time.
  • All informal proposal and quote process will be submitted by email to the Authorized County Representative stated in the solicitation documents.

*Bids are opened publicly at the following address unless otherwise specified.
Office of the County Administrator to the Anoka County Board
Government Center
2100 - 3rd Avenue, Suite 700
Anoka, MN 55303

For Highway Road and Bridge Project listings, view Highway Bid Projects

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Vendors will need to create a Public Purchase Profile and choose to follow Anoka County. This is a 2 step, 24 hour process.

Instructions to register and download documents are available online (PDF). Registration and digital downloads are free. Contact the Project Authorized Representative for further instruction or use the CHAT feature on the Public Purchase Webpage.

  1. Current Solicitations
  2. Awarded Solicitations



Opening Date

2022-16 RFP - Courier Services

Authorized Representative:

2022-14 RFB - Blaine Human Service Center - 2nd & 4th Floor Remodel

Authorized Representative: 

A mandatory pre-bid conference will be held on Friday, December 9, 2022, at 10:00 AM at the Blaine Human Service Center - 1201 89th Ave NE, Blaine - meet in the main lobby
2022-13 RFB - 2023 Legal Publications

Authorized Representative:

2022-12 RFB - ACS Facility Detention Window Replacement

Authorized Representative:

A mandatory pre-bid conference will be held on Monday, November 21, 2022, at 2:00 PM at the Detention Facility - 7565 4th Avenue, Lino Lakes

RFB - Jackson Street Properties - Demolition

Authorized Representative:

For Electronic access to the bidding documents, please contact Karin Borowicz at 612-255-3543

Pre-Bid conference will be held at 10:00 am on November 14, 2022, at 403 Jackson Street, Anoka, MN

Post award questions to:

2022-10 RFP - Master Contracts for Construction

Authorized Representative:

A Pre-Conference will be held at 2:30 am on October 19, 2022 at 2100 3rd Ave Anoka, MN 55303 in Room 243/244 (Facilities 2nd Floor)

2022-09 RFP - Anoka County Compost Site Operations

Authorized Representative:

A non-mandatory Pre-Conference will be held via video-conference at 9:30 am October 4, 2022 with RSVP to the above representative.

2022-08 RFB - Anoka County 911 Center and Radio Shop

Authorized Representative:

A non-mandatory Pre-Bid conference will be held at 10:00am on August 26th, 2022, at Anoka County Highway
Department, 1440 Bunker Lake Blvd NW, Andover, MN 55304. If Bidders want to visit the physical
site, a site review will take place immediately following the Pre-Bid conference on site.

This project was advertised in the newspaper as non-mandatory.

Post award questions to:
2022-03 RFP - Anoka County RFP 2022-03 for a Financial and Procurement System(s)
Authorized County Representative: 
A non-mandatory pre-proposal meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 at 10:00 am via Web Ex. Please email to receive an invite to the meeting..