TPC Twin Cities


What: Created an organics recycling program and provided recycling receptacles on the golf course.

Why: To provide elite waste and recycling services to their members and guests.

How: Worked with the MN Waste Wise Foundation to obtain grant funding to construct high-end recycling enclosures and a 6 month supply of compostable products.

Results: Diverting approximately 62,400 pounds of organics recycling and 28,600 pounds of single stream recycling on an annual basis.

Cedar Enclosure in Use

TPC Twin Cities is the only PGA TOUR owned golf club in Minnesota, and as such they aim to provide the highest level of service to their members. Realizing this high level of service should extend to all areas of the course, TPC Twin Cities met with the MN Waste Wise Foundation to develop an elite recycling program.

After meeting with Waste Wise and their disposable products provider, Litin Paper, TPC decided they would utilize Anoka County’s business recycling grant to obtain all of the tools they would need to implement a comprehensive organics recycling program. This Anoka County grant program provided recycling containers to TPC Twin Cities’, making recycling available to employees and members throughout the golf course and facilities. Additionally, the grant provided TPC with funding to purchase compostable service ware such as plates, bowls, cups and cutlery, effectively converting the bulk of their waste stream to compostable products.

With Waste Wise assistance, TPC Twin Cities was approved for grant funding to manufacture 3-stream cedar waste enclosures for on-course collection of organics, recycling and trash. TPC was also able to obtain bins for collecting these same recyclables in their kitchens and other back of house areas and obtained a six month supply of compostable products and bags so their new recycling program would be well equipped to run smoothly from the onset.

With the new recycling receptacles constructed and their compostable service ware on hand, TPC Twin Cities was able to educate their members and staff regarding the new organics recycling program and begin diverting this material from the trash. The results of all of this hard work is an estimated 62,400 pounds of organics recycling and 28,600 pounds of single stream recycling being diverted from their trash stream every year!

Food and Beverage Director, Brent Sokup has led these efforts at TPC and is very pleased with the results saying, "It has been easier than I thought to get these recycling programs implemented and our members have been very positive about the new organics recycling program!” Brent also commented on how Anoka County’s grant program made their improvements possible, “I don’t know if it would have happened without the funding from Anoka County and Waste Wise’s assistance, but with their help everything fell into place and we’re actually going to save money on our waste and recycling bills.”

Trash service at TPC Twin Cities has already been cut in half and they hope to improve on this even more as everyone catches on to the organics recycling program. Everyone involved with TPC is very proud of their accomplishments and hopes their work can set an example for other Twin Cities metro area golf courses.

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