McCarthy Auto World


What: Adding Single Stream Recycling and pairing all trash cans with a recycling option.

Why: To provide their employees and customers with environmentally friendly services on all levels of their operation.

How: Worked with Waste Wise to access Anoka County’s Business Recycling Grant to get free recycling bins and signs. McCarthy also held a formal recycling training during a staff meeting.

Results: Diverting an additional 15,179 pounds of recycling from the waste stream each year.

Mccarthy Auto World Tech

McCarthy Auto World in Coon Rapids is devoted to providing their customers and employees with environmentally responsible experience while they are shopping for cars, waiting for service, or working within the facility. It is with this commitment to the environment General Manager Marc Weis decided to meet with the Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation to identify opportunities to recycle more and waste less.

During this meeting, Waste Wise recommended McCarthy upgrade their cardboard only recycling program to single stream recycling so cans, bottles and office paper could also be recycled. Waste Wise also recommended pairing every trash can with a recycling option. Marc took these recommendations and ran with them. Within a week McCarthy had single stream recycling service and began working with Waste Wise to apply for the Anoka County Business Recycling grant. Upon grant approval the blue recycling bins and labels arrived and Marc ensured that everyone got a bin at their desk and that no other trash cans in the building remained lonely. From there, Waste Wise conducted a recycling training during a monthly staff meeting, and everyone quickly began to participate in the program. Marc also made sure to meet with their hired cleaning crew to establish a protocol for how they handle the recycling to ensure it gets in the appropriate dumpster outside.

“Having all of our staff trained and recycling handy to everyone is really the key,” commented Marc. McCarthy is already recycling a lot more as a result; over 15,000 pounds per year to be exact. This increased recycling has created the potential for McCarthy Auto World to reduce the size of their trash dumpster and save money as a result. “Our recycling dumpster tends to fill up much faster than the trash which is what we wanted,” said Marc, adding “We do a lot of other recycling that goes under the radar like oil, battery and tire recycling, so it is nice to be able to display our environmental commitment to our customers. They like to know they’re doing business with folks that are environmentally friendly.” In the end McCarthy Auto World is proud of the steps they have taken and encourage other businesses to also take advantage of the Anoka County Business Recycling grant.