Child Protection (Child Abuse)

Reporting Abuse

If you believe that a child is in IMMINENT DANGER (such as a recent sexual assault or a serious physical assault) or the child is abandoned CALL 911.

To report suspected abuse or neglect of a child
living in Anoka County call

24 hours /day, 7 days/week

You can submit a report with our
ONLINE Child Maltreatment Reporting Form.

Or, you can download our printable
Child Maltreatment Reporting Form (PDF)
and fax it to 763-324-1039.


  1. What details do I include?
  2. What is abuse and neglect?
  3. Do I need to report?
  4. What if a child reports?
  5. Can I be anonymous?
Please be prepared to report
  • the child's name, age, and address or school,
  • the reason for the report and 
  • any other pertinent information you have. 

If you know it, include: 
  • the alleged offender's name and relationship with the child
  • the parents' names, address(es) and telephone number(s).