NEW  Plat Filing Process 

  1. Plats will be able to be filed Tuesday – Thursday, 9 am to 11 am with an appointment.
  2. Plat MUST be approved for MYLAR printing before appointment is scheduled.  All appointments that are scheduled before mylar printing will be canceled.  Only one appointment will be allowed per plat. 
  3. An appointment will be made on-line at: 
  4. At the appointment time, the plat would be brought into Room 119 on the first floor of the Government Center (2100 3rd Ave, Anoka MN  55303).
  5. Delay of 15 minutes after appointment time will result in cancellation of appointment. 
  6. The County Surveyor or Deputy County Surveyor will take the plat, sign it, and bring it back to Room 119.
  7. The person from Property, Records and Taxation (PRT) who is assigned to this plat will be notified that the plat has been signed and will come to Room 119. 
  8. The customer will work with the person from PRT to file the plat and any other documents, pay the entire year's property taxes and assessments, and make any payments that are due at the time of recording.