Online Warrant Search


An arrest warrant, which calls for the immediate apprehension and arrest of a person, is issued by a district court judge as a result of a suspected commission of a crime and/or failure to follow an order of the court. Additionally, warrants may be issued for a violation of probation, violation of pre-trial supervision, failure to appear in court, or for failure to abide by certain civil court orders.

The Online Warrant Search (OWS) is a web application designed to allow easy public access to search and view public information regarding individuals who have an active arrest warrant. The OWS is intended to be used for informational and public safety purposes. The Sheriff’s Office does not issue warrants. The Sheriff’s Office processes arrest warrants as required by state statute.

The OWS displays public information regarding individuals with active arrest warrants issued by Anoka County District Court. Information related to arrest warrants from other jurisdictions or arrest warrants that have been served, recalled or otherwise resolved is not provided online by the OWS.


A. All information accessible through the OWS is provided, and must be used, in accordance with local, state and federal laws. Any use contrary to and/or in violation of local, state or federal laws is prohibited. Anyone who uses information received through the OWS to commit a criminal act is subject to criminal prosecution. Anoka County will not be liable for any act or failure to act based on the use of this information.

B. Anoka County makes no express or implied guarantee as to the accuracy or validity of information contained in the arrest warrant database. Anoka County assumes no liability for damages, direct or indirect, incurred as a result of errors, omissions, discrepancies or any other inaccuracy in the information. Every effort is made to enter and/or update arrest warrant information whenever new information is received.

C. Anyone accessing data through OWS should assume that individuals with active arrest warrants (fugitives) are dangerous. Do not attempt contact. Never attempt to make an arrest. Only law enforcement officers are authorized to arrest a person for an active arrest warrant. If you see or know the whereabouts of someone with an active arrest warrant, call 9-1-1


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