Choosing to breastfeed is one of the best choices you can make for your child. In addition to being a great bonding experience, breastmilk has everything your baby needs to grow and develop. To encourage families to breastfeed, support is needed from their employers, health care providers, schools, childcare providers and the community to be successful. 

Breastfeeding/Lactation Support Information

For more information on local education, resources and support visit the Anoka County  Breastfeeding Coalition website

Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) Grant

Anoka County Public Health, through the Minnesota Department of Health's SHIP grant is able to offer support to workplaces, child care provider, community organizations and others on creating supportive policies, systems and environments for families to meet their breastfeeding/lactation goals. For information on how the SHIP grant could help you, email 

Minnesota Department of Health Breastfeeding Support Information

Breastfeeding Friendly Locations
A map of all locations that have received MDH Breastfeeding Friendly designation.

Breastfeeding and Child Care
Information about breastfeeding for child care providers. Become recognized by the Minnesota Department of Health as a Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care provider.

Breastfeeding in the Workplace
Information about supporting breastfeeding mothers as they return to work.

Breastfeeding and Birth Centers
Information and resources for hospitals and birth centers.