Policy of Service

No one working in the law library is an attorney. Only an attorney may provide legal advice. However, library staff will serve the public by assisting with access to the materials in the collection.

Library staff will respond to telephone inquiries regarding the library’s holdings on a particular legal subject. Library staff may read exact text over the phone, time permitting, only when provided with a precise citation.

Law library staff may not do legal research, answer a legal question, or advise any patron as to what the law on a particular issue is, what the text of a law or legal opinion means, or give advice or provide meaning to question involving legal procedure, court rules, and other legal matters.

Although form books and legal research materials are available in the law library, library staff cannot recommend or endorse the use of any particular form for any particular purpose. Consultation with a lawyer is recommended with respect to the use of legal forms, form books, or other legal materials.

Most of the library’s collection consists of legal materials published for use by lawyers. This may create problems for persons not trained in the law in using and understanding the materials. Remember, library staff cannot do legal research for you.