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Sales Tax Tools Available Through State

Sales taxes are complicated in Minnesota because there are varying tax rates across jurisdictions. This can result in residents being charged the wrong sales tax rates, especially in instances where they share a zip code with a neighboring community that has a higher sales tax.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue provides a free tool for businesses to ensure the correct tax rate is charged based on their actual street address or 9-digit zip code, because using the 5-digit zip code alone will not provide accurate information.

Business owners who want information about sales taxes in their area can access this data by visiting the Minnesota Department of Revenue website

This site contains general tax rate search tools, tax rate tools for sales systems, and other helpful resources, including a local sales tax rate guide.

This is a particularly useful site for businesses, so they can confirm they’re charging residents the correct local sales tax. Why is this so important? Ensuring the right sales tax is paid for services and goods is crucial because some dedicated money helps support the local community, especially for infrastructure projects like road improvements.

Please view/download/print this document from the Minnesota Department of Revenue. If you have questions about the tools or tool results, contact by email at or call toll-free 1-800-657-3777.