First Court Appearance

A judge makes multiple decisions at the first court appearance (click above to learn more). IDAPP is offered by the court at the first appearance to defendants who qualify, and it begins immediately – while the case is pending in court.

IDAPP Rules and Requirements

In order to get out of jail and into the IDAPP program, the defendant must meet these requirements:

  • The defendant must live within 25 miles of the Anoka County Government Center;
  • Defendant must agree to and sign the IDAPP contract;
  • Immediately upon release from jail, defendant must report to the IDAPP office at the Rum River Human Services Center.

To stay in the program, the following rules must be followed: 

  • The defendant must follow no-contact orders and other court conditions related to contact with the victim;
  • Defendant must not use alcohol and non-prescription drugs – subject to random tests;
  • Defendant may not use or possess any type of weapon or firearm;
  • Defendant may not leave the state without permission;
  • Defendant must sign a release to allow Anoka County Corrections to communicate with various service providers for the purposes of establishing and monitoring programming and to assure victim safety;
  • Defendant must report to the IDAPP office every week;
  • Defendant will be referred to counseling for domestic abuse and/or chemical dependency.
  • Defendant must provide 24-hour notice for appointments and schedule changes.  


  1. Will the defendant be on house arrest during IDAPP?

    Yes. Depending on the score of the Domestic Violence Screening Instrument(DVSI) IDAPP staff will either place the defendant on house arrest with GPS(bracelet) or house arrest with no GPS. The duration of house arrest is determined by IDAPP staff.
  2. Will the defendant be required to submit to breath and urine tests?

    Yes. The defendant will be required to report to the IDAPP office 1 time per week to check in and take a urine test. Also, if alcohol was a factor in the incident or there are concerns that alcohol is an issue IDAPP staff will place the defendant on blood alcohol content(BAC) track device where they will be required to blow into the hand-held device 3 times a day.

  3. Will the defendant be subject to community checks (home visit) by IDAPP staff?

    Yes. IDAPP staff will go out into the community unannounced and conduct home visits and surveillance to verify defendant is where they are supposed to be and following the conditions of IDAPP.

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