Patron Conduct Policy

The rules for use of Anoka County Library buildings are in addition and subordinate to state statutes or city and/or County ordinances pertaining to public conduct or criminal action.

Right to Use Library Buildings

It is the policy of the Library Board that all people who seek to use the Library’s services, materials, and facilities are treated equally and with respect. Every individual has the right to use the Library without being unduly disturbed and every library employee has the right to work without undue interference. All library users and employees should be free of any threat of harm, invasion of property, or harassment.

Rules for Use of Library Buildings

The Library Board of the Anoka County Library does adopt and publish the rules and regulations listed in Appendix IV, Rules for Use of Buildings (the Rules), which shall apply to all the buildings and grounds operated by the Anoka County Library. The Rules will be posted in each building. Library staff will inform patrons and others of the Rules as necessary, will enforce them as appropriate, with the assistance of law enforcement as required.

Consequences for Failure to Follow Rules

Failure to observe these rules may lead to revocation of Library privileges, including the right to visit the buildings and grounds. Persons ordered from the premises who do not comply may be subject to arrest and prosecution for trespassing. Anyone wishing to appeal their loss of library privileges may submit an appeal in writing to the Library Director.


This policy is reviewed every four (4) years by the Library Director (or designee) who makes recommendations to the Library Board Policy Committee.  The Committee reviews and revises as necessary, endorses and advances to the full Library Board for approval.

Policy History
Date Approved: 2019
Next Review Date: April 2023