Solid Waste Management Charge

Anoka County is mandated by state law to reduce both the volume and hazardous nature of waste. The law also prohibits Metropolitan counties (including Anoka County) from landfilling unprocessed waste. To comply with the law, Anoka County developed a highly-effective and environmentally-safe waste management system. This system was funded mainly through fees collected on your garbage bills until 1994. Court decisions necessitated changes in the way these programs are funded resulting in the reduction of those fees and the adoption of the Solid Waste Management Charge in 1994.

Rather than paying for all the costs of waste disposal by fees paid through garbage haulers, County businesses and residents are now billed by the haulers for a portion of waste collection and disposal costs. The balance of the disposal cost and comprehensive waste management program cost is funded by an annual solid waste management charge billed on the property tax statements. The charge appears in the Special Assessments section on your property tax statement. The rates have not increased over the 1994 solid waste management charge rates.

On November 22, 2011 the Anoka County Board of Commissioners approved the decrease of the Solid Waste Management Charge by 33% for all property classifications effective January 1, 2012.

The Solid Waste Management Charge funds the county-wide Integrated Waste Management System. This system protects our public health, land, air and water through waste-to-energy conversion, extensive recycling efforts, a household hazardous waste program, yard waste composting, public information and waste reduction.

Residential and non-residential properties are different in how the Solid Waste Management Charge is billed and how the charge can be appealed.

Residential Charges and Appeal

Non-residential Charges and Appeal