Mississippi St (CSAH 6) Roadway Modification Study

Final Report:  Mississippi Street (CSAH 6) Roadway Modification Study (2020)

Project Background / Description
Anoka County has initiated the CSAH 6 (Mississippi Street) Roadway Modification Study to provide a comprehensive evaluation of roadway alternatives for CSAH 6 (Mississippi Street), most specifically to evaluate the feasibility of a three-lane section from East River Road to Stinson Boulevard. One of the objectives of the study is to determine if modifications could be made to make it more conducive to the needs of the neighborhood, particularly related to narrowing the travel-way to make it easier for pedestrians to cross.

County State Aid Highway 6 (CSAH 6) (Mississippi Street) from CSAH 1 (East River Road) to CSAH 35 (Old Central Avenue) is currently a four-lane undivided urban roadway; CSAH 35 to Stinson Boulevard is a two-lane undivided highway with shoulders. The corridor widens with turn lanes and a center raised median at the intersection of TH 47 (University Avenue),

The corridor is largely low-density residential, with pockets of high density residential, commercial, retail, and industrial/manufacturing. These pockets are primarily located near the higher volume intersections of CSAH 1, TH 47, TH 65, and CSAH 35. The mixed use and high volume of residential homes along the corridor result in nearly 120 access points along the corridor.  Under the current configuration, these access points can impact traffic operations and safety along the corridor with turning vehicles slowing down or stopping in all lanes.

Specific land uses and features along the roadway can impact traffic operations and corridor safety, including Hayes Elementary School, five places of worship, Holly Center, Anoka County Library, Fairview Health Services, Mississippi River Regional Trail, and a railroad overpass. There are also parks adjacent to the corridor: Edgewater Gardens Park and Harris Lake Park. These facilities and locations are destinations for area residents.   For more information on the issues identified in the corridor, please click on this Preliminary Issues Map.

Evaluation of Potential Improvements
Alternatives for the corridor will be developed in consideration of the access, mobility, and safety needs for all modes of traffic. This will be developed into a purpose and need statement. These alternatives will be conveyed through concept layouts, typical sections, and potential impacts to right-of-way. The alternatives will be analyzed in an evaluation matrix, which will serve as a tool to show the merits of each alternative and assist in selecting a preferred option.

One design concept that will be evaluated is a three-lane section, consisting of one travel lane in each direction separated by a continuous center-turn lane. This design is considered to be much safer than the existing design, as it reduces the exposure of pedestrians crossing the road and also would provide a paved shoulder that could accommodate disabled vehicles as well as other modes of transportation such as bicycles. In addition, the study is evaluating the current traffic control at the intersections to determine if they should be modified. Potential improvements that will be evaluated include roundabout applications.

Study Outcome
The corridor study will produce a preferred roadway concept and final report that will allow the cities and county to pursue planning activities for the proposed one-mile corridor.  Anoka County has hired the engineering and planning firm, Bolton & Menk, Inc., to assist in these activities. It is expected that the study will be completed by the spring of 2020.

Public Outreach
During the study there will be two open houses to present information and obtain input from the public.  Each of these open houses will be held at the Fridley City Hall.  The intent of the open houses is to present information and obtain input from the public.   Information for these open houses is provided in the sections below.

Information for the first open house is shown below and the notice can be viewed here.

Open House #1 
Date:  Tuesday, September 24th from 4:30 to 6:30
Location:  Fridley City Hall – 7071 University Avenue NE

Information from the September 24th Open House can be accessed by clicking on links below:

Open House 1 Announcement  

Information Boards on the Project Purpose and Need

Information Boards on Alternative Roadway and Intersection Designs

Summary Graphics of Received Comments

Open House 2 
Date: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 from 4:00 to 6:00
Location: Fridley City Hall – 7071 University Avenue NE

Information from the February 18th Open House can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Open House 2 Announcement

Open House 2 Information Boards

Mississippi Street (CSAH 6) Preliminary Layout

Project Contacts
If you have any questions about the proposed project or would like to comment on any aspect of the project, please contact either of the representatives below:

Jack Forslund
Transportation Planner
763-324-3179 or Email

Joe MacPherson, P.E.
County Engineer
763-324-3199 or Email