Minors Under 16

Step 1- Fill out Form DS-11                                                                              

If using form-filler please complete ALL APPLICABLE information.  When printing, print separate pages (not front/back).  If printing PDF version, please print separate pages (not front/back), complete legibly using black ink ONLY.  Do NOT use any correction fluid, if an error is made you can strike a single line through the incorrect information and write correction in available space.

Step 2- Proof of U.S. Citizenship

You must SUBMIT an original/certified of one of the following: (Photocopies/notarized copies are NOT accepted)

  • Fully-valid, undamaged U.S. passport (may be expired)
  • U.S. birth certificatethat meets the following requirements: 
    • Issued by the city, county, or state of birth
    • Lists applicant’s full name, date of birth, and place of birth
    • Lists the parent(s)’ full names
    • Has the date filed with registrar’s office (must be within one year of birth)
    • Has the registrar’s signature
    • Has the seal of the issuing authority
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth
  • Certificate of Citizenship

Please Note: If your minor has a previous U.S. passport that is still valid, it MUST be submitted or a lost/stolen report (DS-64) will need to be filed with the application.  

To replace a MN Birth Certificate click here.  To replace an out-of-state Birth Certificate click here.

Step 3- Parental Relationship

You must SUBMIT an original/certified of one of the following: (Photocopies/notarized copies are NOT accepted)

Please note: Some documents, like a U.S. birth certificate, show both U.S. citizenship and parental relationship.  


Step 4- Parents Appear in Person

Both parents/guardians must authorize the issuance of a child’s passport.  The best way to do this is both parents/guardians appear in person WITH child to apply.  If one or both of the parents cannot appear, please review information below.

  1. You have sole legal authority
  2. One parent unable to attend
  3. Cannot locate the other parent
  4. Neither parent able to attend

You must SUBMIT an original/certified of one of the following:

  • Complete court order granting you sole legal custody of the child, such as a divorce decree or other custody order
  • Complete court order specifically permitting you to apply for your child’s passport (photocopy is acceptable)
  • Certified copy of the child’s birth certificate listing you as the only parent*Certified copy of an adoption decree listing you as the only parent
  • Certified copy of the judicial declaration of incompetence of the parent that cannot appear in person
  • Certified copy of the death certificate of the parent that cannot appear in person

Step 5- Present Identification

The parents/guardians must present one of the following identification documents to the passport acceptance agent:

  • Valid MN Drivers License
  • Valid, unexpired, undamaged, passport (U.S. or foreign)
  • Government employee ID (city, county, state or federal)
  • U.S. military ID or military dependent ID
  • Matricula Consular (Mexican Consular Identification)

If you cannot present one of the IDs above, or for more information, please see Identification.

Step 6- Passport Photo

You can bring a passport photo that meets the requirements OR we can take you child’s picture in our office for $18.00.  We are trained to take qualifying passport photos and provide a quick and easy experience for all ages from newborns to adults.  

Step 7- Fees

Personal Check or Money order is REQUIRED for your application. 

ProductApplication Fee
(Check or Money Order ONLY)
Execution Fee
(Cash or Check)
Passport Book $100.00$35.00
Passport Card$15.00$35.00
Passport Book & Card$115.00$35.00
Expedite Fee (up to 7 weeks)+$60.00

Fees effective as of 12/27/21 and are subject to change. For the most up to date information please visit the Department of State Website PLEASE NOTE that the execution fee (payable to the acceptance facility) is separate from the application fee. 

EXAMPLE: I would like to get a passport book and card for my minor child.  I am having my child’s photo taken at the passport office.  I will pay $115.00 via personal check/money order to the U.S. Dept of State.  I will pay $53.00 to Anoka County via cash.  

Step 8- Make an Appointment 

The Coon Rapids Passport Office operates on an appointment basis.  We have had great response from the public using an appointment system as it makes getting your passport application processed quick and easy for you and your family.  Schedule your appointment here.