Drop Boxes

Submitting County Paperwork

Anoka County is now accepting a variety of paperwork at two county locations. No postage is necessary for these boxes.

All Document Locations

  • Anoka County Government Center, 2100 3rd Ave., Anoka (Main entrance, next to flagpole)
  • Blaine Human Service Center, 89th Ave. NE

Accepted Documents

  • property tax documents
  • child support and economic assistance applications
  • reporting forms

For information on license center boxes, visit the Licence Center Drop Box page.

Unpermitted Paperwork

Paperwork that cannot be accepted at drop boxes are documents related to legal service, litigation, or court matters. If your child support, economic assistance, or property tax paperwork involves a petition or claim to the Anoka County Attorney’s Office, those documents must be served on the county attorney. Visit anokacounty.us/attorney for specific direction regarding property tax petitions.

Residents with child support/economic assistance paperwork should review those documents for service by mail directions regarding legal proceedings. Questions about legal documents can be directed to the County Attorney’s Office: 763-324-5550.

All Document Locations

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