Business Recycling Grants

Business Recycling Grants

The AnokaBizRecycles program has grants available, up to $10,000, to help businesses in Anoka County start or improve recycling and organics collections. There is no minimum grant award. No matching funds are required. To get started, simply fill out this short form.

An on-site assessment is required in order to receive grant funding.  All on-site assessments will be conducted while adhering to social distancing guidelines and the use of PPE. If the business does not feel comfortable with an in-person assessment, a virtual consultation may be substituted. 


Eligible Businesses and Requirements

Grants are available to the following entities:

  • For-profit business
  • Non-Profit business
  • Institutions
  • Private Colleges or Universities
  • Places of Worship
  • The business or organization must have a physical location in Anoka County. Sorry, no home-based businesses. Businesses with multiple locations are eligible for multiple grants.

Ways to Use Recycling Grants

AnokaBizRecycles grants can be used for many types of projects. Examples include:

  • Buying new containers to collect recycling, trash, food waste and other compostable organics.
  • Creating custom waste sorting stations.
  • Designing and producing custom signage and labels.
  • Adding compactors and balers for recyclable materials.
  • Reconfiguring loading docks or dumpster enclosures to accommodate recycling and/or organics collection equipment.
  • Organics management systems for collecting, storing and managing odors of compostable organic waste, including food waste.
  • Purchasing reusable dishes and utensils to replace disposable supplies.
  • Purchase and installation of dishwashers.
  • Creating educational materials for recycling and organics program training.

Your recycling expert consultant will help you identify waste management improvements, work with haulers to “right-size” your services and apply for an AnokaBizRecycle Grant. 

It is the responsibility of the business to contact relevant local agencies when remodeling or adding equipment.

Get inspiration from previous AnokaBizRecycle grantees on how they used their grant funding!