Classroom Presentations

Bring hands-on learning about waste reduction to your school.

Anoka County staff are available to give classroom presentations to engage students in hands-on learning about waste generation, the benefits of recycling, the composting process, and the importance of sorting waste correctly at school and everywhere else.

Presentations have been created for each grade level, and often reinforce science and social studies standards. The presentations intended for younger students offer a comprehensive overview, while those intended for middle school and above go into more detail. Presentations are available for K-12 students.

Review presentations available (PDF).

For more information or to sign up your class, contact Anoka County Recycling & Resource Solutions at 763-324-3400.  If you would like a presentation on a certain topic not included above, contact Recycling & Resource Solutions to determine whether that can be done.  Presentations may be adaptable to distance-learning environments.