Locate Improved Value

How do I find out what the improved value is on my parcel?

Go to the Anoka County Records, Taxation & Assessment page on the Anoka County website.

Once on that page select View Property Information from the left navigation.

property records image for webpage

Click Agree on the disclaimer page.  If you have already searched for a property and agreed to this disclaimer this window may not appear. 

Disagree Agree

You can search for your property by using the Parcel ID (PIN) Number or the address.  When using the PIN, you do not need to enter the dashes.   Click Search.

Basic Search

Select Property Values from the left navigation.

Property Value

In the Property Values window, the EMV Bldg is the value the Solid Waste Management Charge is based on.

EMV circled

Use the EMV Bldg amount to find the corresponding non-residential Solid Waste Management Charge on this page.