About Us

Anoka County Emergency Communications Center - 911 provides emergency and non-emergency services and emergency radio communications for all of Anoka County, which includes 11 Law Enforcement Agencies, 16 Fire Departments and 21 Public Works agencies. We answer hundreds of calls per day, both emergency 911 calls and administrative type calls.  911 calls for ambulance services are received by Anoka County Emergency Communications Center - 911 and are transferred to the ambulance service. The ambulance service dispatchers then provide pre-arrival instructions until the ambulance arrives.  

The Anoka County Radio Shop is responsible for the statewide 800MHz Public Safety Radio System.  This includes monitoring and maintaining Anoka County’s infrastructure to the over 3500 public safety radios, which ensures reliable communication to and from the county's 911 Dispatch Center and the public safety departments in the county.

Anoka County Emergency Communications Center - 911 has a staff of 62 full-time employees, which includes the Director, Assistant Director, Senior Systems Administrator, Administrative Services Coordinator, 10 Dispatch Supervisors, and 48 Dispatchers.  The Anoka County Radio Shop has a staff of 4 full-time employees, which includes the Radio Systems Manager, Senior Radio Technician and 2 Radio Technicians.

The day-to-day operations of ACECC is not just overseen by the Director, Assistant Director and Anoka County Board, but is also guided by the Joint Law Enforcement Council and the Fire Protection Council that meet either monthly or bi-monthly.