West Freeway Drive (CSAH 54) Realignment North of Lake Drive (CSAH 23)

Project Summary

Project Background / Description
Anoka County received a Local Road Improvement Program grant to fund a portion of the realignment and reconstruction of West Freeway Drive, north of Lake Drive (CSAH 23), which is a City roadway under the jurisdiction of City of Columbus.  In addition, the City of Columbus has received funding thru the State Park Road Account to fund road improvements for the access into the DNR’s Lamprey Pass Wildlife Management Area (LPWMA).  Recent County and MnDOT geometric improvements on Lake Drive and TH 97 have changed the existing West Freeway Drive access to a right-in/right-out only.

This project will involve relocating West Freeway Drive (CSAH 54) across currently owned City of Columbus property to the north leg of the Lake Drive) / West Freeway Drive roundabout.  The roadway is approximately 4,100 feet in length and terminates at a parking area at the LPWMA.  Improvements will include reconstruction of West Freeway Drive to an urban roadway section (concrete curb and gutter and bituminous pavement surface) from Lake Drive to the entrance of the LPWMA property. The LPWMA access north of the property line would be improved to a rural roadway section for approximately 1,800 feet to a bituminous paved surface with gravel shoulders.

Project Goals
Provided below are the project goals being considered during the design and construction phase of this project:

  • Provide full access to the LPWMA thru the existing roundabout at Lake Drive and West Freeway Drive
  • Eliminate flooding of the roadway during rain events by raising the roadbed above the adjacent topography
  • Provide improved road access to accommodate future freeway corridor development of adjacent city and private properties

Preliminary Layout

Below is an overview of the project schedule identifying key milestones in the process: 

  • 30 Percent Plans - November 2021  
  • 60 Percent Plans - February 2022
  • Final Construction Limits, Right of Way Acquisition and Easements - March 2022
  • 100 Percent Final Plans, Specifications and Estimates - June 2022
  • Project Letting - August 2022
  • Construction - TBD - Late Fall 2022 or Spring 2023

Project Contacts

If you have any questions about the project, or would like to comment on any aspect of the project, please contact either of the representatives below:

  • Elizabeth Markose, Design Engineer III
    763-324-3116 or Email

  • Nicholas Dobda, Manager, Engineering
    763-324-3118 or Email