Senior Events

Your personalized guide to Anoka County Transportation. 

  • Do you know of individuals or groups that are looking to get to the grocery store on a weekly basis? 
  • How about to social or other gatherings but just don't know what options exist or how to use them? 

How we can help. 

  • Free information station that includes printed material about different transportation options. 
  • Free lunch and learn event where staff will come to your facility and talk to residents about different transportation options and what might be a good option for them. (We can present virtually as well). 
  • Host Travel Training Event where we demonstrate how to use a mode of public transit. 
  • Customized one-on-one travel training for individuals in order for them to feel more comfortable using public transportation. 

Different modes of transportation.

  • Transit Link & Metro Mobility

    • Learn more about these accessible buses that can pick up you or your group for a grocery or any other kind of run.
  • Medlink

    • Learn how seniors that are 60+, veteran’s or clients of the county can get to medical or social service appointments.
  • Regular Route Bus

    • Learn about buses that run on a regular route and schedule that can take you to destinations on the route or transfer to another.  Seniors travel for $ 1 during non-rush hours and if you hop on the bus to return within 2.5 hours your return is free
  • Northstar Commuter Rail

    • Learn about the train and getting from Big Lake to downtown Minneapolis.
  • Commute Solutions

    • Learn about alternatives to getting where you need to be other than a single occupancy vehicle.

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