Public Data: Applicant & Employee

Public Data: Applicant

The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (Minnesota Statute §13.43) applies to you as an applicant for employment at Anoka County.

Under that law, the following data on you as an applicant is public. (Public information is available to anyone who asks to see it.)

  1. Veteran status;
  2. Relevant test scores; 
  3. Your rank on our eligible list;  
  4. Your job history;
  5. Your education and training; and
  6. Your work availability.

Except for race, sex, age and disability data, the data you give us about yourself is needed to identify you and to assist in determining your suitability for the position(s) for which you are applying. Race, sex, age and disability data are used in summary form by the County's Affirmative Action Committee to monitor protected class employment and to meet federal, state and local reporting requirements. Furnishing such race, sex, age and availability data about yourself, as well as your Social Security number is voluntary.

Your name is considered private until you are certified eligible for appointment to a vacancy or considered as a finalist. (Private information is available only to the person it is about or to anyone they authorize to see it, and to the staff who must use it in the normal course of conducting county business.) 

Public Data: Employee

If you are hired, the following additional information about you will be public:

  1. Your name;
  2. Your employee number;
  3. Your actual gross salary and salary range;
  4. Your actual gross pension;
  5. The value and nature of your employer-paid fringe benefits;
  6. The basis for and the amount of any added remuneration; 
  7. Your job title;  
  8. Your bargaining unit (if any);
  9. Your job description;
  10. The dates of your first and last employment with us;
  11. The existence and status of any complaints or charges against you while you work for Anoka County, whether or not they result in disciplinary action;
  12. The final disposition of any disciplinary action taken against you as an employee of Anoka County, and all the supporting documentation about your case; the final disposition of any disciplinary action together with the specific reasons for the action and data documenting the basis of the action, excluding data that would identify confidential sources who are employees of the public body;  
  13. The terms of any agreement settling any dispute arising out of the employment relationship between you and Anoka County;
  14. Badge number;
  15. Work location and telephone number;
  16. Previous work experience;  
  17. Education and training background; 
  18. Work-related continuing education;
  19. Honors and awards received; and
  20. Payroll time sheets or other comparable data that are used only to account for your work time for payroll purposes, except to the extent that release of time sheet data would reveal the employee's reasons for the use of sick or other medical leave or other data that is not public.
  21. Your photograph may be shown to a witness as part of an investigation of a charge or complaint against you.
  22. Your personal home contact information may be used to ensure that you can be reached in the event of an emergency or other disruption affecting continuity of operation of a government entity. Your personal home contact information may be shared with another government entity in the event of an emergency or other disruption to ensure continuity of operation of either government entity.

You are not legally required to supply any of the other data we ask for on your application. However, if you choose to withhold it, we cannot consider you for employment. If you do provide the data, your application will be considered, and if you are employed, the information you have given us as an applicant will become part of your personnel record. Anything not listed above as public which is placed in your personnel record is made by statute private information, and will not be shared with anyone but those members of our staff and appointing authorities, legal counsel, and other designees who need it, or as otherwise provided by law. Minnesota Statute §256.998 requires us to report your name, address, social security number and date of birth to the MN Department of Human Services within fifteen days of your hire date. No private data of yours will be shared with any outside person or agency without your informed written consent, unless a judge orders it disclosed, or it is otherwise required by law.