Teal-colored map of Minnesota, white-shaped cutout of Anoka County is pulled out from the state.


In 2022, Anoka County will participate in the statewide process of redistricting. This is the process of redrawing election district boundaries after the completion of the decennial census. The purpose of redistricting is to ensure that the people of each commissioner district are equally represented. 

The U.S. Constitution gives each state a number of representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives that is proportional to their population. This allocation is updated during the reapportionment after the completion of the census. Minnesota retained their number of eight representatives. After reapportionment, states then change the boundaries of their congressional districts to make sure the population living in each district is equal. The Minnesota legislative body is also responsible for redrawing state legislative districts. After new congressional and legislative maps are established, local redistricting can begin.

Redistricting Statutory Schedule

Who What When
Legislature (or courts) Congressional and legislative districts
*UPDATE 2/15: See new maps here.
By Feb. 15
City Council/Township
Wards and precincts
*UPDATE 3/30: See new map here.
By March 29
School Board School Board member districts
*UPDATE 4/26
-See new Anoka-Hennepin School District (ISD #11) map.
-See new Elk River area School District (ISD #728) map.
By April 26
County Board* Commissioner districts, Soil & Water
Conservation Supervisor districts
*UPDATE 4/13
- See new Soil & Water Conservation map.

*UPDATE 4/26
The Anoka County Board of Commissioners adopted the map titled "Proposed Redistricting Scenario C," thereby establishing those boundaries as the 2022 Anoka County Commissioner Districts. Districts were also renumbered as part of the process. Click here to see the revised district number maps with street-level details.
By April 26
All Notice of new congressional, legislative and
county commissioner districts must be
published (including maps)
May 3
Elections Candidate filings open May 17
Elections State Primary based on newly-drawn districts August 9
Elections State General Election based on newly-drawn
Nov. 8

Timeline of Events

Anoka County Board Meeting (February 8)

The Board of Commissioners adopted redistricting principles.

Anoka County Board Workshop (April 18)

The Anoka County Board of Commissioners held a Workshop to discuss redistricting Monday, April 18, 2022, in County Board Room #710, Anoka County Government Center, 2100 3rd Ave., Anoka, MN 55303

Anoka County Board Workshop (April 19)

The Anoka County Board of Commissioners held a Workshop to review and consider public comments received about commissioner redistricting map options Tuesday, April 19, 2022 in County Board Room #710, Anoka County Government Center, 2100 3rd Ave., Anoka, MN 55303

-See Commissioner District Map Scenario A

-See Commissioner District Map Scenario B

-See Commissioner District Map Scenario C

-See Commissioner District Map Scenario D

Public comments regarding the proposed Anoka County Commissioner redistricting map options were accepted via email or in-person during the Property Records and Taxation Committee meeting, Tuesday, April 19, 2022.

All public comments received were reviewed and considered during the Board Workshop.

Based on Workshop discussion and public input, Commissioner District map Scenario B with revised district numbers moved forward to be considered at the Special Board Meeting, Tuesday, April 26.

Public Comments (April 19)

View emailed and submitted public comments received regarding the 2022 Anoka County redistricting plan.

In-person public comments were also received during the Property Records and Taxation Committee meeting held Tuesday, April 19. Click here to watch on YouTube. 

Special Board Meeting (April 26)

The Anoka County Board of Commissioners adopted map titled "Proposed Redistricting Scenario C," thereby establishing those boundaries as the 2022 Anoka County Commissioner Districts. Read Resolution #2022-67.

In addition, there will be an election 2022 for all Anoka County Commissioner districts and to comply with staggered term length requirements, the length of terms shall be a follows:

District 1, 2, 3, and 4: 4-year terms. District 5, 6 and 7: 2-year terms.

Click here to watch a replay of Special Board Meeting. 

New 2022 Commissioner District Maps (Street Detail)

County Commissioner Redistricting

County Commissioner Redistricting Is Required If:

  • Precinct boundary that was a commissioner district boundary is no longer there.
  • District population varies by more than 10 percent from average.
  • Commissioner districts are not as equal in population as possible.
  • Majority of district (4+) contain less than 50 percent of total population.
  • And/or district is no longer compact or contiguous.

Anoka County 2022 Redistricting Principles

Resolution #2022-19, adopted February 8, 2022

  • The County will be divided into as many districts numbered consecutively as there members of the board of commissioners.
  • Districts will be bounded by town, municipal, ward, or precinct lines.
  • Districts will be composed of contiguous territory as regular and compact in form as practicable.
  • Districts will be as nearly equal in population as possible (no more than 10 percent variation from average).
  • A majority of the least populous districts will not contain less than a majority of the county population.
  • No city or township will be represented by a majority of commissioners.
  • We will strive to preserve communities of interest where possible in compliance with the preceding principles. For purposes of this principle, communities of interest include citizens with similar social, geographic, political, cultural, ethnic, economic or other interests.
  • Districts will be drawn without the purpose of either protecting or defeating incumbents.
  • Districts will be drawn anticipating future growth.

Read the full resolution (PDF)