Bunker Lake Boulevard (CSAH 116) at Martin Street - Left Turn Lane & Median Improvements

Project Summary

Project Background / Description 
As part of Phase II of the 2022 Overlay Program, Anoka County, in partnership with the City of Andover, is reconstructing the median and left turn lanes at the intersection of Bunker Lake Boulevard (CSAH 116), Martin Street and the Walmart access road.  The intersection has opposing three-quarter accesses.  The scope of this project is to improve safety and sight distance for left-turning vehicles.

In addition, the existing landscaped median between Jay Street and Crosstown Boulevard will be replaced with concrete median.

Project Goals
Provided below are the project goals being considered during the design and construction phase of this project:

  • Enhance safety for left-turning vehicles by improving the sight distance for drivers
  • Reduce maintenance costs by replacing landscaped median

Below is an overview of the project schedule, identifying key milestones in the process: 

  • Develop Geometric Layout – November 2021
  • Preliminary Design – February 2022
  • Final Design – April 2022
  • Construction – Summer or Fall 2022

Layout – Current Design

Project Contacts

If you have any questions about the project, or would like to comment on any aspect of the project, please contact either of the representatives below:

  • Brandon Ulvenes, Design Engineer I
    763-324-3159 or Email

  • Nicholas Dobda, Manager, Engineering
    763-324-3118 or Email