Artist Exhibits at the Library

By turning library walls into art exhibits, Anoka County Library supports local Minnesota artists, provides unique venues to display  artwork and enhances the library experience for the community. Art exhibits are featured at four locations, transforming local libraries into art, history, & cultural centers.

Bill Bukowski
William Bukowski 

August 1st - September 25th    Northtown Library and Mississippi Library

Dr. William Bukowski is a representational painter from Mankato, Minnesota. He prefers to work from life "en pleinaire"  in the 19th century tradition. It  is important that the paintings show the experience of seeing the specific landscape at a season, a time of day, or a moment. Bukowski’s paintings can be seen througuhout Mankato and the Twin Cities at universities, churches and medical facilities.

Dr. Bukowski will speak about his work give an exhibit tour on September 21st at 6pm. More details can be found on the event calendar. 

Website:  Bukowski Painting

Jen Shaffer

 August 10th - October 2nd   Mississippi Library

Jen Shaffer has been creating for as long as she can remember. She was encouraged to draw and make at a young age, and wanted to be an artist when she grew up. She studied design at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, where she earned her bachelor degree in graphic design with an art history minor. While her career has her looking at a computer screen all day, she continues to love creating. Her love of collage was revived during the early isolating days of the pandemic.

Contact:  Jen Shaffer

Website photo
Chad Mohler

August 3rd - September 28th   Rum River Library

The world is a beautiful place. Come and enjoy the recent landscape photography of Chad Mohler. His love of hiking and nature takes him to remote locations that inspire his art. He enjoys experimenting with a wide variety of filtering and camera techniques, but sometimes decides to leave the images unedited to show the natural beauty of the earth. Chad hopes that his work inspires you to start your own adventures.

Website: Chad Mohler Stillwater Photo Art

Melissa T. Proulx

September 7 - October 30th   North Central Library

I grew up in a hard-working, creative family and was always determined to be an artist. I worked hard to earn my B.A. in Fine Art. My career hasn't always followed a straight path, but I have spent the majority of my working years as an active Artist, including twenty-two years as an Artist/Art Instructor for an art correspondence school. 

When I am not creating my quirky collages, I enjoy hanging out with family, friends, and my dog. I love reading, old films, and studying the Spanish language.

Website: 4Paws Collage

Minnesota Artists

If you are a Minnesota artist and would like to have your artwork exhibited at one of our library branches please Apply to Exhibit

For questions about the exhibits or submitting a proposal to show your work, please email