Artist Exhibits at the Library

By turning library walls into art exhibits, Anoka County Library supports local Minnesota artists, provides unique venues to display  artwork and enhances the library experience for the community. Art exhibits are featured at four locations, transforming local libraries into art, history, & cultural centers.

ATP_artiscaperann (1)
Ann Phillippi

January 9th - February 28th    Northtown Library

After a 28-year career in art education, Ann is emerging with a fountain of ideas for sculpting large scale animals in clay. With a passion for digging up stories and working in the clay earth, I have created a body of sculptural work loosely based on the animals of the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. With the 12 Chinese zodiac animals in both photography and pottery, I like to plant the seeds of inspiration and the landscape of ideas to engage others in lively conversation of how these animals turn up in all world cultures in the form of fables, idioms, creation stories, myths, and legends. 


Kelly Marie_Sample Photo
Kelly Marie

February 9th - April 3rd   Mississippi Library

Kelly is a Minnesota-born artist who has been creating art professionally for over a decade. Her art is inspired by emotions, energy, and identity. She loves working with saturated colors, organic lines, and the female form. Her intention is to bring movement to an image and allow a way to safely get lost in chaos and come out the other side with meaning and structure.

Website:  Messy Ever After

Claire Goldstein

February 6th - March 30th   Johnsville Library

After graduating with a BFA from art school in her 20s, Claire let life intervene, and abandoned art-making as a mindful, daily practice. Having conclusively proven that this was a mistake, these images are some of what’s happened since she’s picked up her camera again and recommenced searching out the beauty in her everyday surroundings.”


HIDDeN fox-harper copy1024_1
Todd Harper

February 2nd - March 30th   Rum River Library

Musical presentation of the exhibit March 15th

Being Outside: Visual / Intuitive music scores

In late 2019 I started experimenting with new kinds of music notation. These included images, words, shapes, seemingly random elements which allow exploratory musicians to  create their own meanings/sound from them. When Covid hit, I dove into watercolor, and thus started a new chapter of my creative life. 

Website:  Todd Harper Songs

Mary and Bill Mohler

January 5th - February 27th   North Central Library

"Nine years ago, I took the leap into watercolor painting. It is a journey of discovering the balance between joy and challenge, control and spontaneity, light and shadow."

"Watercolor painting has given me an outlet for my creative side to come to life. Painting rural landscapes  connects me to a deeper part of who we are."

Minnesota Artists

If you are a Minnesota artist and would like to have your artwork exhibited at one of our library branches please Apply to Exhibit

For questions about the exhibits or submitting a proposal to show your work, please email Jess Whitehead.