Property Tax Refund

Minnesota residents may be eligible for both regular and special property tax refunds, depending on several qualifications.

Regular Property Tax Refund

Homeowners and renters may qualify if their taxes or rent paid on their primary residence exceed certain income-based thresholds Income limits change as they are indexed annually for inflation.

Special Property Tax Refund

Homeowners may also be eligible for a special property tax refund if the net property tax on their homestead increased by more than 12 percent from the previous year and at least $100. This refund has no income limit.

File for a Refund

Claim your refund by filing Form M1PR. Find the form and instructions online. Or call the Minnesota Department of Revenue 24-hour automated help line at 651-296-3781 or 800-652-9094 to have a form sent to you. TTY users, call 771 for Minnesota Relay.

The filing deadline is August 15.