Public Comment Period

Public icon of three people with a speech bubble overhead with the words public comment inside.Comment Meetings are held following every regular board meeting and provide an opportunity for the public to address the county board.

Rules of Order

  • The public may only comment on subjects not part of the regular meeting agenda for that day.
  • The public is invited to comment, ask questions, present a concern, or make a statement specifically related to Anoka County business or that is relevant to the affairs, policies, or practices of the Anoka County Board of Commissioners.
  • Remarks will be limited to two minutes for each person for up to 10 minutes, or longer as needed, at the discretion of the chair. 
  • Should you wish to participate in making a public comment, please use the sign-in sheet in Room 710 before the meeting. A sign-in sheet will also be available at the podium if you arrive late. During the meeting, please approach the podium and state your name and address before addressing the board.
  • All remarks will be made from the podium and addressed to the county board as a whole, not individual commissioners. 
  • The Public Comment period is not a time for problem-solving or reacting to comments made but for hearing the speaker for informational purposes only.
  • Questions from the board will be for clarification only.
  • If necessary, a staff report will be prepared for the next regular Public Comment Meeting, with a copy forwarded to the speaker.
  • Public comments are not live-streamed or televised.

Public Comment Reports

Below are links to summary reports prepared by staff for distribution to commissioners and speakers requesting answers to questions. These reports will be posted prior to the next Public Comment period.